• HIATUS KAIYOTE ‎| LOVE HEART CHEAT CODE [Pre-Order - Ready to ship 24/07/24]

HIATUS KAIYOTE ‎| LOVE HEART CHEAT CODE [Pre-Order - Ready to ship 24/07/24]

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Pre-Order - Ready to ship 24/07/24

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Love Heart Cheat Code ' follows Melbourne-based band Hiatus Kaiyote 's highly successful album Mood Valiant.  A final unscripted addition to the album, the single “Make Friends” was inspired by words of wisdom imparted to the band by a friend who noted, “You don’t make friends, you recognize them.” Succinct yet profound, this sage insight reminded Nai of the lack of representation for deep, platonic love. “I wanted to have representation for just the different examples of people that I love from the women in my life, to the men, to my non-binary friends,” she shares, “and it was very natural and fun to work on as a formula.” The single is composed of one verse, but Nai takes that one verse through three gender permutations: female, male, and nonbinary. Nai adds, “When I sang the third verse, the ‘them/they’ verse, I actually had to stop. Just realizing that inclusivity is so often denied to some of the people that I love the most, my best besties.”

Love Heart Cheat Code is a snapshot of four musicians dancing together on the edge, 11 playful, exuberant tracks that shine light. Yet, for a band that made a name for itself with its complexity and received critical praise and multiple Grammy nominations for their embrace of maximalism, one of the most striking things about Love Heart Cheat Code is its simplicity. “I’m a maximalist. I complicate fucking everything,” Nai laughs. “But the more you go through things in life, you become more relaxed and uninhibited. Sometimes you can still have depth and reach people and really stop dancing around the fact: What do you want to communicate to people? And I feel like this album is a result of that clarity for us. We didn’t need to spell out complexity if the song didn’t call for it.”

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Sleeve: Mint (M)

  1. Dreamboat
  2. Telescope
  3. Make Friends
  4. BMO is Beautiful (feat. BMO of Adventure
  5. Time)
  6. Everything's Beautiful
  7. Dimitri
  8. Longcat
  9. How To Meet Yourself
  10. Love Heart Cheat Code
  11. Cinnamon Temple
  12. White Rabbit


Format: Vinyl, LP

Country: UK

Released: 2024

Genre: Hip Hop, Rnb