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Limited double vinyl LP repressing of this hip hop classic. Liquid Swords is the second solo studio album from Wu-Tang Clan member GZA. Upon it's initial release, Liquid Swords received critical acclaim for it's complex lyricism and hypnotic musical style. Over the years, it's recognition has grown, with a number of famous publishers proclaiming it as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Continuing with it's Respect The Classics campaign, UME will be reissuing the classic back on standard weight vinyl for it's 20th anniversary

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  1. Liquid Swords
  2. Duel of the Iron Mic
  3. Living in the World Today
  4. Gold
  5. Cold World
  6. Labels


  1. 4th Chamber
  2. Shadowboxin'

  3. Hell's Wind Staff/Killah Hills 10304
  4. Investigative Reports
  5. Swordsman
  6. I Gotcha Back


Label: Geffen Records

Format: Vinyl, 2LP

Country: US

Released: 2015

Genre: Hip Hop